Typical Architectural Style in Las Vegas

As available raw land for development is exhausted here in the greater Las Vegas/Henderson area, home builders and developers are seeking architectural solutions to fit larger homes on smaller lots. By far the most popular home styles in Las Vegas consist of one and two story homes, with three story homes now hitting the market. Below are the most prevalent home styles for both new homes and existing homes for sale here in the greater Las Vegas area.

Common residential architectural styles available in the Las Vegas Area include the following.

Ranch Style (Single-story homes)

In this architectural style you will find the following features:

  • Ranch style homes are traditionally one-story L shaped or one-dimensional designed homes.
  • The majority of Las Vegas area single-family starter homes have a one-car garage. Most move-up or larger homes offer a two and three car garage.
  • Ranch homes offer low pitched gable roof and deep-set eaves
  • Most ranch style floor plans focus on offering buyers an open, airy feeling with few interior walls allowing for an efficient layout and maximized useable space
  • Minimized exterior decorative detailing to lower home buying cost. Most exteriors incorporate wood, brick and vinyl materials for construction
  • Often referred to as a American Ranch, California Ranch, or Western Ranch

Split Level Style (Multi-story homes)

This style home was constructed in this area beginning in the 1950’s and offers a multilevel variation to the ranch style architecture.

  • A modern style designed to offer secluded or compartmentalized living areas
  • This floor plan offers a traditional eat-in-kitchen, dining room, and family room (Initially called the TV room from the early introduction of the television in the early 1950’s).
  • Other popular features include the area above the garage dedicated for bedrooms

Tudor Style

Dating back to England, this style is formerly known as the Elizabethan architectural style.

  • The most common exterior feature of the Tudor style home is called half-timbering. In this type of construction, the actual timber framework of the home is left exposed and the spaces between the timbers are filled or "nogged" with brickwork and covered with white stucco.

Spanish (Eclectic)

While popular here in the greater Las Vegas area, this architectural style is most popular in the Southwest part of the US and Florida. Taking the dominating features from the early Spanish missions, this architectural style has the following characteristics:

  • These homes offer low-pitched tiled roofs
  • Rounded windows and door openings
  • White stucco walls
  • Rounded windows and doors
  • Scalloped window dormers, windows and balconies
  • Elaborate grillwork
  • Use of decorative tiles around doorways and windows
  • Another common element of this style is a bell tower

Italian Villa

Inspired by the old Tuscan villas of the “old country” of Italy, this architectural style offers many groups of odd shaped rooms throughout the home. Other key characteristics include:

  • Shallow roof lines with large brackets under the eaves
  • Stucco exterior walls
  • Ceramic or terra cotta roofing tiles

Pueblo Style

Derived from the description of the dwellings built by Native American Indians from the Hopi and the Pueblo tribes, the Pueblo style has its roots from New Mexico and Arizona. Typical characteristics include:

  • Flat roof
  • All angles are rounded
  • Roofs are always flat and include parapet walls
  • Highly recognizable protruding rounded roof beams. These beams are called "vigas"
  • Exterior and interior walls are plaster with a heavy rounded look

Mediterranean Style

This architectural style captures the essence of the Mediterranean areas of France and Italy. Features you will find include:

  • Exterior detailing with stucco
  • Concrete or terra cotta roof tiles
  • Single, 2 and 3 door garages
  • Dramatic open spaces and volume ceilings
  • Custom radius wall corners

So Many Styles Available Here in Las Vegas

Many neighborhoods provide multiple examples of architectural style here in the greater Las Vegas area. Of course designs for new home construction are typically reviewed by architectural committees and approved for subdivisions and developments. Custom homebuilders can build practically any architectural style desired. Most of the national production homebuilders feature one or more architectural styles. For more information or to locate a particular style of home here in the Henderson/Las Vegas area, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for in your next Las Vegas area home.

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