Areas of Redevelopment

City of Henderson Redevelopment

With the goal to enhance and improve the cityscape in downtown Henderson, The Henderson Redevelopment Agency was created in late 1995 to assist with the redevelopment of the central portion of Henderson. Aided by tax increment financing (TIF) funds, improvements to public and private property including relocation of businesses, revitalize and cleanup of neighborhoods and public rights-of-way, improve neglected buildings, and finally, assist with the construction of commercial developments all fall under the authority of this group. The following areas are targeted for improvement and redevelopment including downtown Henderson, Tuscany, Cornerstone and Eastside all within the City of Henderson.

Since 2003, the Downtown Investment Strategy has been focused at filling specific niche market development including convenience retail, specialty retail; focus on the Arts & Culture opportunities and affordable housing.

Downtown Henderson Redevelopment Area

With a focus on the sectors of affordable residential housing, retail and office development, these projects total more than 230,000 square feet. With redevelopment projects started in 2005, Water Street is the cultural heart of the city and features numerous art galleries, murals, artisan and craft boutiques, restaurants, and a new Henderson Events Plaza.

Downtown Henderson, Nevada is in the midst of major changes and construction is underway for many improvements from upgrades to utilities on Water Street (complete), construction and expansion of the pedestrian areas, sidewalks will be undergoing many changes in the very near future under a Phase II.

Eastside Redevelopment Area

Officially adopted in February 2006, this newest area encompasses over 4,500 square acres. Areas of redevelopment include the Sunset Industrial Corridor, Pitmman, Landwell, and Valley View. Topics under current review include traffic flow improvements and police initiatives to address concerns associated with local crime. As with any publicly funded project, a core concern is lack of resources for home improvements for residents on the Eastside.

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