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If you are like so many people who have visited Las Vegas, no doubt you were drawn by the allure of flamboyant casinos offering you the chance to gamble and take in a live show. Or maybe you came to Vegas to attend a convention or trade show and left thinking this location could make a great second-home destination. Guess what – you are not alone. As a leading market for second-home purchases, more people are choosing to buy a second-home here in the greater Las Vegas area and take advantage of all this area has to offer.

If your thinking about making a second-home purchase, this section of is just for you!

Here you can read timely articles and review helpful tips to buying your second-home in Las Vegas. Take a look at:

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  • Where Should I Invest?

  • Tax Advantages To Living in Vegas

  • Your Suite of Second-Home Concierge Services

Booming Second-Home Market

Did Your Know? The second-home purchase market is one of the fastest growing segments in the real estate industry with 35% of all home sales attributed to the second-home market. Wanting to make a solid investment and lock-in on current home prices, Baby Boomers and younger buyers alike find Las Vegas to be one of the top second purchase markets in the US.

Get Smart!

To help you make a smarter second-home buying decision, it is recommended you spend a few minutes reviewing the articles above before you begin your home search. Armed with these facts and empowered with more knowledge, you’ll be able to make smarter choices about where you want to search for your second-home, what type of second-home makes sense for you and what amenities match your lifestyle - now and in the future.

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