Tips For Getting Your Home Sold

The 7 C’s To Getting Your Home Sold

By combining the 7 C’s with an information-based pricing strategy and a well-conceived marketing plan, you will be positioned to attract buyers with offers in hand. This will lead to a successful home selling outcome. As your Las Vegas and Henderson area home selling expert, you can count on me to help you sale of your home by providing a positive, stress-free experience.

I recommend the following 7 C’s to getting your  home sold:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Home. (Q-Tip clean) Before you place your Henderson – Las Vegas home on the market, be sure it is Q-Tip clean! Tackle the hard to clean areas like the bathrooms first. Attack potential greasy surfaces in the kitchen. Scrub – scour – dust! Eliminate all sources of unpleasant odors. Remember this – “ If it smells, it won't sell!

Quick Expert Tip: Thoroughly clean your home and place a wonderful bouquet of lightly scented fresh cut flowers in your dining room and/or kitchen. For a fun family activity - bake some cookies. Don’t mask unpleasant odors, eliminate them!

  1. Make sure your home is Clutter free. Closets filled with clothing hide the true capacity of your storage. Often buyers can barely see the home for all the personal belongings sellers own. When de-cluttering also consider rearranging your furniture to maximize space. Eliminate anything that inhibits the potential buyer from imagining himself or herself as the owner of your house.Remember, the way you live in your home, and the way you market and sell your home are two different things.If you need any pointers in staging don’t hesitate to e-mail me at I’ll show you how to sell your home faster and for top dollar!

Quick Expert Tip: Remove any furnishings or personalized items that prevent buyers from seeing your home in it’s best light. Consider using the services of a professional stager.

  1. Make wise Color choices for your home. Light tones are best. If your home has brightly painted walls, you should consider applying a neutral light color coat of paint to appeal to a larger buying segment. Many sellers have personalized their homes to appeal to their own taste. Not everyone shares your color pallet. Plus – a fresh coat of paint makes everything look crisp and clean.

Quick Expert Tip: Neutral colors enhance the marketability of your home. Sparse furnishings permit a buyer to visualize their belongings in your space.

  1. Often home sellers must make Compromises during the initial stages of the home selling process. You may need to choose which repairs need your immediate attention. The cost of the repair could have implications as well. Low-cost spruce-ups such as adding fresh mulch or planting inexpensive flowers yield impressive results at a fraction of the cost to more elaborate repairs. When it comes to creating high-impact curb appeal, go ahead and spend a little to secure big results.

Quick Expert Tip: Don’t put off those nagging small repairs. That broken light fixture or non-functioning switch will send a signal to potential buyers causing unfair presuppositions.

  1. Utilize Creativity when marketing your home. The real estate marketplace has changed. One successful tool used recently includes an invitation only “Open House Party”. It’s fun and creates neighborhood buzz.For more information on this novel idea, contact me at

Quick Expert Tip: Host an invitation only Open House. Invite a few neighbors, family friends and potential buyers targeted by your Realtor. Also invite other top-producing Realtors from the area with their buyers. This website uses multiple “viral” tools to communicate these creative strategies to potential buyers. Recent surveys indicate 75% of home buyers begin their home search via the Internet. I take advantage of this by creating a high-impact web presence.

  1. Communicate the value of your home. Let the buyer know you care about the condition of your house. Create superior curb appeal. Make your buyers say WOW the moment they drive up! The first glimpse of your home should make a strong positive statement and create a lasting memory. We all know the goal is to attract multiple qualified buyers with offers in hand. It is imperative you instantly grab your potential buyer’s attention from the curb. Be sure to have your driveway and sidewalk power-washed. Remove any dead tree limbs, mow and edge the lawn, trim the shrubs, weed and freshen up your plant beds with extra mulch. Add a splash of color with flowers in bloom. Use touch-up paint where needed.

Quick Expert Tip: Thoroughly clean your home inside and out. Add a couple of planters with seasonal blooming flowers to frame your home’s entry. Make sure toys and pets are out of sight.

  1. Convey your Commitment to your home’s condition. Why not maximize your investment by making sure your home is in the best possible condition. Demonstrate this by providing records of recent appliance purchases, HVAC system repairs/upgrades and any new improvements. The overall condition of your home will speak volumes to potential buyers.

Quick Expert Tip: Provide all up-to-date information about your home to your Realtor to be included in the property file folder made available to all buyers.

As your Henderson - Las Vegas professional real estate agent, I believe a smart sale is one that’s quick and profitable. And isn’t that the way it should be? When you consult with me, you have my unwavering commitment to market your home providing the maximum exposure it deserves. I market the most important homes in the neighborhood – Yours!

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